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Holistic Movement
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1:1 Sessions Online and In-Person

Somatic practices, such as yoga, meditation, and various forms of bodywork, are designed to foster awareness of the body's sensations and the emotional and mental patterns tied to them. By becoming more attuned to the messages our bodies are sending, we can begin to identify and release stored tensions, traumas, or negative patterns that might be holding us back.

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Online and In-Person Group Classes

Working online in the comfort of your own home for scoliosis, yoga, Pilates, Scolio-Pilates, strength training and hypnotherapy for anxiety and stress. Sessions for all levels.

Online Yoga

Posture Works

A monthly membership coming soon. For those wanted a regular and consistent movement practice for Scoliosis and back heatlh.

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Yoga for Pregnancy Pre and Post

Yoga for Scoliosis

Trauma Informed Yoga

Pilates & Scolio-Pilates


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Posture Works

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