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Lady pulling a funny face doing face yoga

4 Week Holistic Face Lift


This is a customised plan depending on your individual needs.

A combination of face exercises, face massage, stretches and acupressure.


The programme is made up of:

  • 4 x one to one sessions

  • Week1 – Forehead and eye area

  • Week 2 Mouth and Neck area

  • Week 3 – Neck area

  • Week 4 – Assessment and full face routine.


Includes breath exercises and some relaxing yoga poses.


Face yoga and face exercises can help reduce wrinkles and other markers of age while improving the contours of your face. Face yoga has gained in popularity mainly due to its success rate but also because, like other forms of yoga and exercise, it is concerned with developing a person’s sense of wellbeing.


How many of us have spent time in front of a mirror wishing certain aspects of our aging face would disappear and secretly believe that if they did, we would be much happier and confident? 


While, of course, looking good in itself doesn’t always lead to happiness, what is typically found to be true is that feeling better about our appearance and more in control of how we look can have a mental and emotional benefit. And face yoga/exercises can provide both that feeling of looking our best as well as a sense of power we have over helping that to happen. 


This program aims to provide you with a series of facial exercises that you can practice at home. These exercises are about self-realisation and using them to discover your best self. It also provides accountability through a private Facebook group.


What is included in the program:

  • Understanding your face and the program

  • Your Skin

  • Warm-up and Cool-Down

  • Exercises for: The Forehead; The Eye Area; The Nose and Cheek Area; The Mouth and Lips; The Neck and Jawline

  • We will look at lifestyle, diet and skincare.



The cost for the four weeks is £140. Once booked please give 24-hour notice if you have to cancel.


You will receive all the necessary support and resources to help you create and build a home practice suitable for your requirements and needs. In your Personal Plan, you will receive online support and resources.


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