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Do you want to make lifestyle changes and lose weight?

Do you want to learn and use powerful tools and plans, which will help you to discover your route to improved health and fitness?

Do you eat healthy all week then sabotage it all at the weekend?

Do you lack the motivation to exercise or hate the big gyms?

Do you want to create a more balanced life?


The Fitness and Wellbeing package is run on a 1:1 basis for 5 weeks, 2 hours per week, at The Stables Studio. Arrangements can be made for two persons to attend. The cost of the whole plan is £650. For two people costs would be £390 each.


This package really focuses totally on your needs so is completely tailored for you and includes:

  • Body analysis

  • Hypnotherapy to control your anxiety, stress and emotional triggers or maybe you have a fear or phobia

  • Coaching to create healthier lifestyle changes

  • Gentle yoga to help relax and destress, gain flexibility, build strength and confidence

  • Reconnect the mind and body

  • Control your food cravings for junk food habits and unhealthy emotion eating

  • Building a realistic and sustainable fitness program

  • Various supporting materials

  • Guided relaxations to give your brain a break from creating excessive thoughts


If you want to take back control of your body and mind and to feel comfortable in your body then book a free 30-minute consultation with me and we can discover and discuss how I can help you.

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