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Hi I'm Dawn Ingram

Founder and Coach of Posture Works.

Posture Works was born from the experience I have had from the age of 12 living with a left lumbar scoliosis and I am now 58.  Those living with a scoliosis and other spine/back conditions will understand how incredibly hard it can be finding the right help and trying to workout how to move effectively and efficiently without causing injury or pain.

Understand that you are NOT alone in your journey.


My scoliosis started being noticeable from the age of 12, when my pelvis looked like it was shifting more to one side.  My clothes would hang oddly. I ended up seeing a specialist every 6 months, having to wear a Boston Brace until I stopped growing.  When I stopped growing my lumbar curve was at 30 degrees and stable. I was told to just keep my back strong. That was it. From that point I went on to 'forget about it'.  Jumping to my early 40's. I herniated a disc after doing almost daily high impact exercise and not 'listening or being in tune' with my body.  It took a long 15 months of a very painful and interesting journey to recovery. I also discovered my curve had increased to 65 degrees.

I started practicing Yoga as a way of coping with my scoliosis and the after-effects of back problems and found yoga to be of great benefit both for my physical and mental health.  After completing my 200-hour Yoga teacher training, including Yoga for pre and post-natal pregnancy, Level 2 Gym-Based Exercise and Level 3 Personal Training, I went on to train as a Kettlercise® instructor.

I started my professional qualifications for scoliosis in 2021 completing Elise Browning Miller, Yoga for Scoliosis Part 1 and 2. Natural progression led me to completing my qualification in Level 3 Mat-based Pilates. Early 2023,  I qualified in Scolio-Pilates completing both Modules 1 and 2. 

Whilst I have my own 1:1 clients and teach group sessions, I also co-coach for Strength and Spine in the US.

Over the last several years I have trained in various modalities including Hypnotherapy, Yoga Reloaded, Yoga for Kids, Yin Yoga and Trauma-informed Yoga & Embodied Resilience (TREY) Teacher Training, Foot Function. I like to take a complete holistic approach when working with you. A scoliosis/back condition diagnosis can lead to negative thoughts be a negative experience, this can snowball into anxiety and depression.

I have experienced first-hand how scoliosis affects both the body and mind and my aim is to support others who are fighting the same battles.

Dawn Ingram

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