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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety



As a hypnotherapist solely working within the anxiety spectrum,  I understand the challenges people with Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) face on a daily basis. GAD is a common mental health disorder that affects millions of people worldwide, causing excessive and persistent worry about everyday life events without any apparent reason. 


At its core, GAD is characterised by anxiety that stems from a constant state of unease and preparedness for potential threats. This heady cocktail of hormones triggered by our brain's tendency to perceive danger results in several psychological and physical symptoms, such as restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, muscle tension, and sleep disturbances. Alarm signals from a hyperactive amygdala prime our body for immediate action, making even minor stressors seem much more significant than they are.


Affecting a significant percentage of the population,  Research suggests that a combination of factors contributes to the development of GAD. These factors include brain chemistry, personality traits, life experiences, and environmental stressors.


GAD manifests differently in each individual, making its diagnosis and treatment tailored to each person's unique circumstances. The psychological and physical symptoms of GAD may manifest in the form of constant worry, being easily startled, or feeling tense all the time. This may further lead to impacts on an individual's mental and physical well-being, causing a decline in quality of life and affecting daily functioning.


Thankfully, there are various treatment options available for individuals with GAD. Psychotherapy, particularly Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), has been proven to be effective in helping people manage their anxiety. Medications such as antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can also help alleviate symptoms. Moreover, making lifestyle changes, adopting self-help techniques like deep breathing exercises, meditation, and maintaining a healthy diet can significantly improve the overall well being of individuals with GAD.


Understanding the basics of Generalised Anxiety Disorder is crucial in developing empathy and providing support to those affected by it. By acknowledging the symptoms, recognising triggers, one can better manage GAD and improve mental and physical health. 

Three hypnotherapy sessions which will last up to  two hours each. £230.00 If all three sessions are booked in advance. with booking all three at once you save £25.00.


You may book each session separately and pay one at a time, each single session is £85.00.


Please phone me with any questions about the program or you may prefer to drop me a message at Faversham Hypnotherapy Facebook page.

Repeating Anxious behaviour strengthens that behaviour.

Contact me to break the cycle. 

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