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Online Waiver

I do hereby give my permission for my participation in yoga, Pilates and kettlebell classes through Zoom or downloaded videos provided by Dawn Ingram Yoga. I further authorise the rendering of any medical treatment that may become necessary due to my participation in this class.

By signing this waiver, I acknowledge that this is a physically intense yoga, Pilates, Kettlebell class, am in good health and able to participate. I have visited a licensed physician within the past 6 months and have been cleared to practice
strength-based yoga, Pilates or Kettlebells. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to inform my instructor of any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries that may impact my practice.

In consideration of the permission granted to me to participate in yoga classes, I do hereby agree, on my own behalf, to release EHY and Dawn Ingram, from any and all actions, causes of action, damages, claims, or demands of whatever kind of nature which I may have for injuries, known or unknown, which are incurred by, arise from, or in any way relate to my participation in these classes, I
realise that I am participating in EHY and Dawn Ingram Yoga at my own risk. My signature is binding to this liability waiver from this day forth. I have read this release and fully understand the terms. I execute the release voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance and consequences. 


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